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5 Types of Signs That Are Commonly Used in Corporate Logo Signs and Branding


It’s essential to think about how you like your sign to be composed regardless of whether you’re customizing a sign for your business logo for the very first time or want a brand-new style to update the current one. Then again, a sign serves more purposes than just advertising your business. Additionally, it conveys a “feel” about your business, be it one that is easygoing and informal or trustworthy and reputable.

In this blog article, we will address the questions below:

  • What kinds of signs with corporate logos are most frequently used?
  • Why is metal one of the most common materials for signs with company logos?

What kinds of signs with corporate logos are most frequently used?

There are numerous types of custom corporate signs available to meet your business needs. The choices are endless, ranging from interior to exterior, educational to aesthetic. Even though making the decision can seem challenging, knowing your options will help you choose a great sign. Below is a manual of various types of business signage available in the market today.

1. Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are 3D visual elements with unique shapes and lighting. Any word, numerical figure, or other characters that, when paired with other similar symbols, make a sign display can be referred to as a channel letter. Acrylic and metal sheeting are used to create each letter. With regard to fonts, colors, and sizes, channel letter signage is extremely versatile.

2. Neon Business Signs

A neon sign, which is readily available in the sign market, is a lighting display with tubes made out of glass that are filled with gas and shaped into various lettering and shapes. Nowadays, customized neon signs are practically continuously growing. They also have countless and limitless applications. It can be as intricate as a three-story exterior sign on what seems like a Las Vegas casino or as simple as a tiny piece of advertising signage for an established corporate identity.

3. Vinyl Banner

A thin, elastic sheet of vinyl with a layer of coating on one side is what makes up a vinyl banner. Although the layer can be of any color, it is often colorless or white. Vinyl banners are frequently used as signage for exterior advertising, at industrial shows, and in various situations when it is necessary to display large graphics outside. Banners made of vinyl are used to advertise businesses. Even though they can be made of many different materials, vinyl is the most popular. These banners are frequently attached to poles or mounted to fences and walls in busy places in order to draw clients. Vinyl banners are not water-resistant. The material is water-resistant, though, so it can endure moderate moisture and precipitation.

4. Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are signage usually placed outside the establishment with your company’s brand etched on the outside and illuminated on the inside. This ensures that both day and night, people will be able to see your sign. Additionally, they are renowned for being extremely resilient and great for personalization. Just install these to the facade of your business to create a sign that will draw clients for many years to come.

5. Luminous LED Signs

LED brightly lit signs are those with a plastic coating that is lit inside, not to be mistaken with LED signs. These are often utilized to symbolize a unique creative or professional style that some businesses want to express through their brand.

For instance, an LED illuminated sign is a better alternative compared to a neon sign if you’re searching for an external sign to advertise your 5-star cafe. Your company logo will radiate a wonderful glow from the LED lights that are easy to read (and leaves a good impression on your prospective clients).

Why is metal one of the most common materials for signs with company logos?

If you’ve ever been to the downtown of most cities, you’ve probably noticed signs with metal characters bearing company logos. There are a number of factors that make metal such a popular material in the metal sign making process:

Metal brand logos are durable; they can endure anything from heat and moisture to snow and icy conditions. Rust does not affect brand logos made of metals like aluminum or stainless steel.

For your company logo sign, you have a variety of metal choices, such as bronze, copper, and brass. Metal may be used in many different ways to display your company logo. You can opt for a basic sign or one with a three-dimensional look (excellent if you are on a limited budget!).

Metal signage is sturdy and can withstand harsh weather elements for many years, specifically if a protective finish is given to it.


Before you begin the logo design process, depending on how you create a logo-using a logo builder or a freelance graphic artist need to know which kind of logo better represents your brand.

Even though a great logo involves a variety of aspects—font, graphics, color scheme, etc.—these pieces can only work together beautifully if you are sure which kind of logo you like to design.

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