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Microsoft plays an enormous role in ensuring that IT professionals all over the world can gain an advanced understanding of technology. Recently, Microsoft released new role-based certifications to address the needs of various technology requirements in the market. Thus, professionals can build a career in IT by participating in Microsoft certification programs that suit their roles.

New Microsoft role-based certifications

One of the most interesting things about Microsoft page is their ability to understand market demands and provide solutions. IT professionals who have gained certifications are always deemed to be experts in the IT field. Some of the role-based certifications offered by Microsoft include:

Apart from the newly introduced role-based certifications, Microsoft also offers various credentials based on technologies and products such as App Builder, Azure, Mobility, Productivity, etc. Today, we want to focus on the MCSD: App Builder credential which is developer-level certification. MCSD: App Builder is one of the most coveted credentials by the software developers who wish to gain skills in mobile and web application development. In order to be eligible for MCSD: App Builder, a candidate must have earned one of the following credentials:

Additionally, Microsoft designed three exams to qualify IT professionals for the award of the MCSD: App Builder credential. To get certified, you must pass one of the following certification tests:

When it comes to choosing which exam to sit for, it might be a hard task because all the three exams are designed for software developers. I chose 70-487 because of the concepts highlighted in the exam topics:

I considered the above topics important for my career because I specialize in developing Microsoft Azure and web services. Learning every concept by heart was never a walk in the park. I developed a strategy to help me pass Microsoft 70-487 exam easily.So, here it is:

1. Be conversant with the exam objectives

This is the ultimate thing you should always consider before you even think of learning any concept concerning Microsoft 70-487 exam. Exam objectives give you a clear guideline of what you are expected to understand before taking the actual exam. Therefore, ensure 70-487 exam objectives are always at your fingertips.

2. Instructor-led video training

When it comes to software development, programming is the key skill that every professional must learn. The instructor-led video course is the ultimate resource because it gives you an opportunity to see how the instructor corrects the runtime errors that usually occur. The best platform with the top-notch video training is

3. Flow charts

Software development is a continuous process which involves instances of implementation and decision making. Flow charts help when it comes to a visual representation of commands sequenced to form instruction for a computer. In short, flow charts are a great visualization tool for developers.

4. Practice

It is very important for every software engineer to practice implementing every programming skill gained. The secret of becoming competent in software engineering is getting hands-on skills because real-world situations need actual solutions. Therefore, make sure you implement every practical concept during your preparation for Microsoft 70-487 exam.

5. Use ETE files

The modern way of preparing for a certification exam is using ETE files which are opened by the ETE exam simulator. ETE files contain several exam questions in one collection. The ETE exam simulator grants you a chance to take the exam in a way that is similar to that of the actual 70-487 test. It will also enable you to discover the areas where you need to improve your knowledge because it provides you with a detailed scoresheet showing the results in every topic. Visit PrepAway today and you will get ETE exam simulator and latest ETE files.

6. Don’t forget about revision

Before the exam day comes, you have to confirm whether you have met all the exam objectives of Microsoft 70-487 exam. If you have missed some topics, go back to your initial training materials and learn every concept that you are not conversant with.

7. Go through the questions

Once the exam date has finally arrived, be relaxed and do your exam comfortably. You should not forget to read through the exam questions before you start answering them. Once you have a clear overview of how the question is set, you can tackle it confidently. In fact, you can easily identify the questions than answer other questions. Such scenarios happen!

Job opportunities

The MCSD certified professionals are able to earn a basic salary of $101,000 every year.

In a nutshell

Certifications are always a plus especially when they are offered by Microsoft. MCSD: App Builder certification is the ideal credential for those who want to validate their knowledge in mobile and web applications development. Get the ideal prep materials from PrepAway and pass Microsoft 70-487 to get certified!

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