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10 American Logos in your Subconscious

Businesses use logos for a variety of reasons. They understand that a well thought out logo can create an identity for the company that could last for decades. Designing this logo plays a very important role in the business. A unique logo design can turn the viewer into a customer. Some American brands have created logos that have been lodged into the minds of the people forever. One of the most popular brand logos is Nike. Its simple ‘swoosh’ design has successfully captured the mind of millions of people. 

Some logos even use mythology to add to the power of connecting their businesses with the people. Starbucks uses the Twin Tailed Siren from Greek Mythology as its logo. The twin tailed siren was known to be beautiful and dangerous. They were known to lure sailors into death through their melodious voices. Another American company that used mythology to create its logo is the NBC. The NBC Peacock logo is another popular logo in America. The peacock’s story is that Hera, Zeus’s wife had 100 eyes which later translated to peacock’s feather. 

Another popular American logo is FedEx. It is best known in the world for its unique design as it hides an arrow between the E and the X. Wendy’s is an American fast-food chain whose logo is also registered in the subconscious the people. The brand highlights personal and home cooked food. If one takes a closer look at the collar of the girl it says “mom”. Another brand that is famous for its good quality product is Hershey’s. It is an American company known for its famous chocolate kisses. Its log has an extra kiss in it, if one tilts there head towards the left, then the chocolate kiss is visible between the K and I. 

America has given the world multiple brands whose logos have been registered in our minds. Some of these popular logos are:

1. Nike

American logos in your subconscious-3

2. Starbucks

American logos in your subconscious-1

3. FedEx

American logos in your subconscious-2

4. Hershey’s Kisses

American logos in your subconscious-4

5. Wendy’s

American logos in your subconscious-6

6. NBC

American logos in your subconscious-5

7. Dell

American logos in your subconscious-9

8. Ben & Jerry’s

American logos in your subconscious-8

9. Harley Davidson

American logos in your subconscious-10

10. Colgate

American logos in your subconscious-7

The uniqueness of these brands’ logos has made it permanent in the subconscious of the people. Apart from the logo, these brands are also known to provide top quality products and hence create immense customer satisfaction.

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