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The 5 Best Online Web Design Classes of 2023

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Finding an online web design class these days might sound relatively challenging, with a plethora of available choices. Therefore, you have to set a list of objectives that you would like to achieve and determine the type of web design that you plan to pursue. While you can take a more general approach to learning, it always helps when you know what to look for and explore each curriculum based on what you already know. The best part is that you can join any of the online courses, many of which are available free of charge, to see the style of instruction and choose the one that fits you best. 

The 5 Best Online Web Design Classes of 2023

1. HTML 5 & CSS3 Free Web Design Fundamentals Course. 

Offered by Channel 9 web educational platform, this free course is one of the best options to consider for conceptual learning. You will have to deal with web pages, SEO keywords, HTML 5 benefits, and even basic code writing. This course has numerous videos consisting of 21 different episodes that can be explored again and again. The course also explains why all that you provide online must be unique even as you design things. You may consider checking the essay writer no plagiarism route and learn more about the best ways to keep your content unique. When you pair it with web design, it always works! 

2. Web Design For Everybody Course by Coursera.

Offered by the University of Michigan, it focuses on web development concepts and coding based on responsible and accessible web design techniques. You will also learn how to use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript programming languages. It also supports various financial aid options and represents one of the most reputable ways to learn web design online with the help of credible and trained instructors. 

3. UI Design For Web Developers.

It is powered by the Design+Code platform, and it’s one of the rare courses aimed specifically at web developers who already have some experience and want to polish their skills in terms of visual design. The best part of this offering is that it’s only $19 per month, and you can enjoy the free trial to learn whether it’s suitable. You also receive a certificate upon completion, which is something to consider. 

4. Basic HTML & CSS Course Aimed at Beginners.

If you are not a web designer, this great course by Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer should be your primary choice. If you are a creative individual or an artist, this course will help you to get rid of the fear and finally learn how to turn your dreams into a reality as you work with free and commercial tools, create a layout, banners, wallpapers, and more. It provides good methods to overcome mental barriers and stop fearing the Internet while working with web pages. In terms of practical applicability, it’s second to none! 

5. Ultimate Web Design Course by WebFlow University.

This course has a great transition from the web design basics to the advanced topics by teaching you how to build websites and design your ideas by turning to the Webflow interface. Offering HTML and CSS fundamentals as a bonus, it’s completely free! 

The Importance of Practical Work in Web Design 

When choosing the web design course, you must focus on those offerings that include practical workshops and working straight with the templates. It means that if the course includes the final project where you evaluate your newly gained skills along with the instructor, it is the best way to go and achieve success. If the course contains the web design theory alone but does not focus on practical work, it will be difficult for newcomers to test their skills in practice as it will require browsing through various forums and testing things via trial-and-error.  

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