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5 Design Tips To Make Your Custom Mug Stand Out


People love to drink coffee in the morning or any time of the day. Statistics show that 74% of consumers drink coffee every day. If you’re one of them, it’s only ideal to get yourself a custom mug. While there are many mug options in the market, nothing beats the value of drinking from a unique and personalized mug crafted to your preferences.     

Whether you’re planning to give out mugs for an event, a promotional getaway, or as a gift, it’s paramount to consider how to make the mugs look special. They should reflect the recipient’s personality or showcase the message or vision you want to imply.   

Having said that, it’s best to consider the following design tips to make custom mugs stand out more.  

1. Incorporate Custom Stickers 

There are many design strategies to make your custom mug appear its best. One famous way is to incorporate stickers into them. You can design your own or rely on reputable custom mug vendors to create custom stickers that suits your liking. Another option is to provide your high-quality image file so they can print it into the mugs. No matter what design, logo, graphic, picture, or art sticker you choose, this is made possible by the vendor you choose.    

2. Visualize The Details  

One crucial step in crafting a custom mug that stands out is to ensure the planning stage. Before anything else, you should know what you want. You may consider the aspects such as the design, size, placement, and space you need. Visualizing how the mug should look in the end is ideal, so you’ll know what to expect. Then, instruct the printing company on how to proceed with the process.    

3. Choose The Color Wisely  

There is a wide variety of colors available for coffee mugs. If you’re giving out coffee mugs as a gift, the best color to go for is the recipient’s favorite color. However, if you’re producing mass mug gift items for your customers, choosing a color that matches your brand is best.   

Choose a color you like and ensure that they’re unique. You can do this by looking for a design that complements your color of choice. But to be more certain, you can always use white mugs and colors on designs instead.    

4. Research Inspirational Designs  

You can create a template by printing the design and tracing it. But before deciding on a specific design, make sure it looks great on the mug. Researching inspirational designs can help you learn how to craft the best custom mugs. Moreover, it’s best to keep the design simple, like a significant art or logo that is easy to print.    

Reading is beneficial, especially in the morning. Because of this, you can go for a quote that appeals to and inspires many users. While this is a common design idea, you can make it unique by choosing an inspirational quote from your or the recipient’s favorite movies, a line from celebrities, or memes that have recently trended on social media.   

5. Make The Design Special


Using a random image or design from the web is a good idea, but it can be generic, boring, and uninspiring for some. Therefore, you should spend more time making sure that the custom mug design is uniquely special for the recipient. To do this, you may consider the following interests:

  • Business: For business owners, it’s best to design their mugs with their business logo. Doing so helps create brand exposure, especially if the person using it regularly encounters people.   
  • Clients: If you’re giving your clients and customers a customized mug, you can print your business’ logo and write a special thank you note for supporting your business or organization.
  • Pets: For pet owners or lovers, you can design their mug with an illustration of their pets. You can also add the owner’s and pet’s names to make it more personal and unique. 
  • Student: If you’re giving a custom mug to a student, you can print a motivational quote to inspire them whenever they’re studying.
  • Parents: If you’re customizing a mug for a parent, you can write statements like ‘Best Mom’ or ‘Best Dad’ or any statement that would remind them of how awesome they are as parents. You can also add images like a mustache, flowers, hearts, or any significant art.

The ideas above are just a few of the samples that you can try. The design options for a custom mug are endless. You just have to consider the receiver’s interests, hobbies, or profession to help you decide which design is best. 


Custom mugs are excellent gift item ideas and can also be used as promotional items. No matter your purpose, it’s ideal to choose a suitable yet creative design to make it stand out more. With the tips shared in this article, you’ll be able to produce the most unique-looking mugs.   

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