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Designing Your Home with Subway Tiles

New kitchen boasts dark wood cabinets white backsplash subway tile and over sized island with white and grey quartz counter illuminated by pendant lights. Northwest USA

Subway tiles are classic due to their simplicity but chic style and design. A designer can only limit the ways that these tiles can be used by their imaginations. The most common subway tiles range from black to solid white, to natural variants— with other bolder options that come in a wide array of colors and pattern as either mosaic or individual tile.

You can also choose from a wide variety of pillowed Monterrey to Essex tiles as this depends on the style and preference of a person.

Subway tiles have a clean line aesthetic and are of high-quality material. Some of the elements that are used in making the subway tiles include travertine, marble, and glass. These give your residential or commercial building a traditional look with a twist of fresh and contemporary facade.

The tiles include dynamic ranges of finishes, colors, and of different sizes. They ranges from small to large formats, depending on the client’s taste and specifications. Subway tiles seamlessly fit in different rooms and places.

You may opt to install them in the toilet, bathroom, kitchen, living room or even in commercial sites. In case you want to add some more twist on the outlook of these tiles; you may try glazed tiles or add a coat to spruce up the texture and appearance.

There are some ways that you can decorate your house using the subway tiles. Some of these ways include:

Bringing out the uniqueness using white subway tiles.

The old, natural white subway tiles are gorgeous as they are nostalgic despite the place they are being used. They evoke warmth and enhance clean and crisping interiors and even outshine your stainless steel items in your kitchen, these tiles can make any kitchen or bathroom in your home look sparkling clean and more beautiful.

Opt for Colors copious.

It is said that when style comes, it usually reinvents itself in some way just like any part fashion, architectural and home design and subway tiles are no exception, and their rainbow colors have made them be able to compliment in different rooms such as in your kitchen., bathroom among other places.

tiled floor in abandoned hotel in former Tourist Complex of Kupari village Croatia

Go for Terracotta Tiles.

Subway tiles are best fit in the form of Terracotta tiles. These tiles are made up of distinctive red and brown clay; these tiles are then shaped into the desired design and allowed to dry. After they have completely dried, they are then passed through fire either in a combustible pit or in a kiln. Firing is essential for hardening and to making the tiles durable.

Due to their quality, Terracotta tiles are among the most durable tiles and their red color suits and matches when they are used together in different shades when flooring.

The quality of Terracotta is further enhanced by putting a seal to make them impermeable to water. When properly glazed and sealed, they become resistant to damage and stain making terracotta the best choice for kitchen flooring or for subway tile backsplash.

There are different types of Terracotta brick tiles depending on whether they are at their natural state, treated, handmade, or machine cut. Some of these tiles include:

The Natural Terracotta Tiles

These are the tiles that are made directly by mixing the red and earthen hues. This mix gives a unique and subdued image across the surface of each tile after it has been fired. The rustic beauty on the surface of the tiles is what makes them so desirable for flooring.

Machine Cut Terracotta Tiles

These are the tiles that are mass produced in factories. The production is based on a process that fires, cuts, and offloads the tiles into specific computer-programmed geometric forms.

For a long-lasting and better results, do not use Terracotta tiles in places with extreme temperatures. The freezing and thawing of ice will weaken the tiles making them to crack after some time.

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