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5 Important Ways to Tie Your Social Media Presence to Your Art Website

Ways to Tie Your Social Media Presence to Your Art Website

Social media has become a necessity for modern business success. Here are some tips to help you make the most of it.

Social media marketing has grown to be exceptionally popular, but in some ways, it’s a necessity for the modern business world.

People turn to social media to find information now more than ever, and if your business doesn’t have a social media presence, you’ll be seen as out of touch.

Indeed, most companies now have a social media presence on some level, the same way they have a website.

But merely having a social media presence isn’t enough; if you want to get the most out of your social efforts, you need to tie them to some order of value.

In most cases, this means leading your social users back to your website, where they can learn more about your brand and potentially make a purchase or signup.

But at the same time, you need to feed your social media presence with new users possibly from your website, where you know your users already have some visibility into your brand. How can you tie these two ever-important branches of your online presence together?

The Power of Symbiosis

What you want to achieve here is a kind of symbiosis. Your social media channels and website should be seen as two sides of the same coin, each fueling and drawing power from the other. As your social audience grows, you’ll earn more traffic, but the best way to maximize the value of that traffic is to keep it engaged with your brand in the long-term. Thus, your best approach is one that inspires mutual direction. To make things easier without spending a lot, you may avail web hosting and use promo codes found in EarthWebOver time, new users will find you in both dimensions, but you’ll retain them for longer and engage with them in more ways because of your symbiotic online presence.

Strategies to Tie Your Campaigns Together

English essay writing service describe below a few ways you can keep your social and website strategies tightly interlinked:

1. Link back to your main site frequently

This tip should be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many companies miss this opportunity. Your social media following is a growing pool of potential leads and people generally interested in your brand; accordingly, you should try to get them back to your site as often as possible. That is where you stand to earn the most conversions, after all.

Beyond conversions, more traffic to your site means more opportunities for brand exposure and brand familiarity, which can increase customer loyalty and encourage repeated transactions in the future. You can do this in a number of different ways, the most common being the presentation of onsite content or promotions, with links pointing back to various internal pages. You can also seek out conversations or discussions already occurring, and use your links as citations to prove or disprove a statement in those discussions.

2. Place social icons on your contact page and footer

Give your web visitors more opportunities to find you on social media by including links to your social media profiles in several main areas. For starters, you’ll want to include your main social icons in the footer of your site (or possibly the header), and you’ll definitely want to include your social information on the contact page. It may seem obvious that your brand’s social profiles can be found on their respective platforms with a simple search, but most users won’t go through the trouble. You need to make it easier for them to find you.

3. Include share icons on every piece of content on your site

Your content is going to be a substantial conduit for attracting more social followers; not to mention, introducing more links that lead users back to your site, completing the circuit. Users who share your content will be highly likely to follow you and share your material in the future but they need a prompt to get started.

Accordingly, you’ll need to include share icons for every piece of content accessible to your web users, including your blog posts and any images and videos you have on display in a gallery. When all it takes is a single click to share your material, even fleetingly interested parties will be more likely to do so.

4. Stream social media updates on your homepage

It’s often not enough to merely present icons to attract web visitors to follow you on social media; instead, show off some of your most recent social posts in an integrated gallery. For example, you could easily tie in your Instagram feed to an image gallery on your homepage (or any internal page for that matter).

Under this arrangement, users will get a sneak preview of what they can expect from your regular social feeds, prompting them to follow you (or at least check out more of your posts). Plus, it may provide opportunities for quick engagement; for example, if a user sees an image that specifically appeals to them, they may start following you just for the opportunity to comment on it.

5. Always include both options

Finally, always make sure to include both your website and your social media profiles as options for engagement in your other marketing materials. For example, in your email marketing campaign, you’ll want to include icons linking to your main social media profiles, but you’ll also want to include links to your main website.

If you’re running a paid advertising campaign, consider alternating between linking users to your website and to your social media profiles (keep your target audience in mind when selecting a platform). This will keep both areas of your online presence fueled and integrated.

Remember, these aren’t one-time strategies. If you want your online presence to grow, you need to be consistently aware of how you’re building the various facets of your brand online and nurture them over time. The more you learn about your audience, and the more you see them react to your various tactics, the better you can adjust your efforts for future payoffs.

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