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How to Get Great Logo Design for Your Start-up with Limited Budget

Logo for Startup
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Logo is the first thing that a person notices about a brand. It is important to make a good impression when you are a start-up. In order to have a long-lasting impression on a person, make sure to spend a good amount of time and energy in creating a logo that is eye catchy as well as represents the values of the company. Logos are very important for a company’s visual branding strategy. There are multiple instances when a logo is used to promote the company’s product or service: product packaging, website, posters, business cards, business application icon, and many more. It is important to create something that is compact and can be used everywhere.

Creating a logo does not have to be an expensive affair. Start-ups generally have a capital crunch and would not want to spend a lot on designing a logo. But do remember that logo is very important to make a good and a long-lasting impression. There are many ways which could be inexpensive and would not create a big dent in the budget of a start-up:

Being Creative while Choosing a Logo

If you have a background in designing, you could put that knowledge to use and create a logo for you company. No one else would be better equipped to create a design which would give out the same message as you want it to.

If you don’t have a designing background but are willing to get in touch with your creative side, then you could use online designing software to create a logo. Doing it yourself gives you the artistic freedom to create what you feel is good for your company. There are online portals like Canva which let you create logos for free. But a major drawback of using online portals is that the designs could be quite generic as the portals does not have many tools for designing and editing. There are even certain designs or templates which would not be free. But it lets you create logo from scratch by letting you upload images, edit it, use various fonts, and templates.

Using Automated Logo Generating websites

There are many inexpensive online websites which help you create logos. Logojoy is one such website which helps you select the best logo for your business. They provide various designs and colours to create a logo of your choice. Logaster is a website which lets you create logos for free. It charges you depending on the usage of the logo on different platforms. Even Wix the website builder has come up with its own logo maker app that you can use for creating you own logo online. Shopify too has its own logo maker app to help you get a great logo.

Appointing a Freelancer

You could always hire someone for designing your logo. There are various websites which give you access to Graphic Designers who would create a logo for low prices. These designers may create a great logo but finding the right one is the key. Some of the websites where you can access Graphic Designers are: DesignCrowd, and Fiver. It is important to look at the reviews before you hire someone. Other websites which helps you create a logo are 99Designs and Designhill. These websites help you create an online contest where you put in your requirements and graphic designers would create logos for your business. One of the advantages of hiring a freelancer is that you can get a logo customized according to your needs.

Getting a Stock Logo

There are many web sites that sell unique and high quality logos that are ready to use exclusively. You can get these logos easily trademarked or registered as your brand symbols or logo marks. It is always advisable to go for a logo which has exclusive license which gives you the right to own the copyright of a logo design and use it the way you want. Longtime players like LogoGround, LogoMood, LogoCowboy and our own LogoShop offer best in class logo design for you startup at a reasonable price.

Employing an Expert

The most effective way of getting the desired and best logo would be consulting and employing an expert in the field. But this option could be expensive as experts tend to charge a huge fee. But they would have immense knowledge in the area and would provide customized designs. You could always look out for experts who charge less and would provide you with equally good designs for your business. There are portals like LogoOrbit which connect businesses with expert graphic Designers depending upon your need.

These are many ways you could go about creating a logo for your brand. At the end of the day the best strategy is to always be prepared with what you need in your logo design. Sometimes its better to let your designer to explore the possibilities of creating a great logo by analyzing your brand values, vision, market target and your compositors reach. Hope these points help you in getting the right brand identity for you start-up.

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