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Why Designers Should Study Foreign Languages

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The power of language is hard to contest, no matter the type of business or activity one is pursuing. It can have a significantly positive impact on growing your career or business. This includes designers and their craft too.

Many designers make a conscious and deliberate decision to study foreign languages because they see practical benefits to the way they develop their business model. Others are still contemplating their options. If you are among the doubting ones, check out this article to learn more about the specific benefits you should expect.

Boosts creativity

Learning foreign languages is universally known as one of the most effective ways to boost your creativity. It does bolster divergent thinking, egg you on to explore uncharted territories, and challenge stereotypes. This is where linguistic diversity and your designer talent converge to produce something unique, extraordinary, and coveted.

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Cultural sensitivity

A new language is your gateway into a new culture. You will be amazed by the number, depth, and breadth of the discoveries you will be making now that you can communicate in a local language. This also has a major influence on your localization efforts. As a designer, you cannot and should not be blind to the specificities and peculiarities of a culture you are going to operate or introduce your design to.

The above also helps you avoid lots of faux pas. What is perfectly acceptable or even admired in one culture can turn out to be a disaster in another. By learning a foreign language, you are able to look into the level and degree of nuance that can completely escape you as a foreigner.

Makes your marketing efforts effective

When you speak a local language, your marketing strategy becomes more well-structured and effective. You come to better understand the needs, wants, and whims of the audience you want to target. A lot that seemed obscure may as well become self-evident once you are able to communicate in the language of your target audience.

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Additionally, learning a foreign language as a designer can also broaden your cultural knowledge and understanding. It allows you to communicate with people from different backgrounds, which can help you to create designs that are more inclusive and diverse. Taking an online business language class can be a great way to start learning a new language and gaining a better understanding of other cultures. This knowledge can then be applied to your designs, making them more effective and appealing to a wider audience.

Helps your research efforts

As a designer, you do not always come up with great ideas spontaneously. Sometimes, you need to carry out quite a bit of research before you are able to develop original ideas. To that end, you can perfect your research efforts by learning foreign languages that allow you to read the necessary materials and information in their original language. 

Rigorous research can lead to some of the best and most well-developed ideas. You can capitalize on them by creating designs that will endure the test of time. Many world-famous designers speak multiple languages, and there is a good reason for that. They look relevant when they are able to speak local languages. So do their designs and products.

Finishing Touches

When designers divide to study foreign languages, they stand to benefit from multiple benefits that go beyond linguistic improvements. Designers see their imaginative skills and power reach new heights. They are also able to understand and appreciate the important nuances related to local cultures and lifestyles.

More often than not, it is the grasp of local knowledge that boost the spread of great ideas and designs. There is no better tool for acquiring that knowledge than learning a new foreign language.

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Joanne Elliot is a student counselor and blogger. She spends her days helping students overcome the psychological stress that often accompanies college years. In her free time, Joanne writes blog posts on issues as varied as education, technology, fashion, and more.

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