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Mesmerizing Impact of Green Colored Brand Identity


What Is Brand Identity?

A brand is the representation of your business, i.e., what the business is all about and what makes it unique. Brand identity refers to how a business wants its brand’s name, its logo and other visual elements to be identified by its customers. In other words, it means how a business wants its consumers to perceive it. In short brand identity is the very essence of every business.

The Importance of Color In Brand Identity

When it comes to how a brand is communicated to customers, color plays a major role. Colors have a powerful psychological impact on the human mind. According to a study, almost 92.6% people are usually of the opinion that as compared to taste, smell and other sensory receptors involved in the purchase of a particular product, color is the No.1 influencing factor that affects their purchase decision. So, color is an important consideration in your brand identity. It is the first thing we notice when we are assessing any brand because it has a significant impact on our emotions. It also affects our ability to concentrate and learn. Besides affecting us emotionally, colors also have psychological, physiological and even sociological effects on us. In short, colors say all about the brand in that they communicate what you’re trying to say about your business.

The Use And Importance of Green Color in Branding

Most businesses use the color green to represent their brands as young and playful. Green is a very down-to-earth color. It represents new beginnings or growth. It is generally associated with nature, growth and money. It also represents health, freshness and peace. But the color’s meaning varies according to its different shades. For example, dark green is associated with status and wealth, whereas light green represents serenity or something which is really soothing. The natural green color, which is perfectly balanced with cool and warm undertones, is a symbol of freshness, tranquility and peace. All over the world, green color represents safety and in many religions it is associated with rebirth and renaissance. Green color affects the human mind to a great extent in that it soothes and relaxes us mentally as well as physically. It helps reduce depression, anxiety and nervousness. It also offers a sense of self-discipline, harmony and rebirth.

Brands That Go Best With Green Color

Brands that use green color in their products usually include bottled beverages, green tea brands and a number of environmental products.

Some Examples Of Popular Brands Identified With Green Color

Through green color, brands show their youthfulness and their love for Mother Earth. It attracts young people and those who enjoy life. Some popular brands that use green color include the following:


Starbucks coffee. The green mermaid that is displayed in the center of the Starbucks coffee cup represents itself as young and environment friendly. The company is concerned towards creating environmental awareness and promoting their fair trade coffee products.


Garnier Fructis is another example of a green-colored brand whose shampoos and other beauty products are quite popular among women.


British Petroleum also boasts a simple yet elegant green colored brand identity. The color green in their logo accentuates perfectly with the centered yellow theme. Green color ranks second to blue in the list of most popular brand colors mainly because it doesn’t only exude a simple yet eco-friendly look and feel but also because it is absorbed quickly by the human eye as compared to other colors. No wonder, why famous brands around the world prefer this color so much.

Author Bio: – Sylvia M Lewis is an author who mostly writes articles related to graphic designing. She is an animated logo designer at Logo Pearl.

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