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20 Best Cupcake Logo Designs to Get Inspired

Cupcake is a treat enjoyed by all ages. These are sold either at a bakery or in shops that specialise in the sales of cupcakes. All these places require unique logo for people to identify with their brands. Cupcake start-up branding requires a sense of sophistication, hygiene, creative and lovable design. A cupcake logo has to be mouth-watering and crowd puller. Since the cupcake business are largely catered to children and women, use of script or hand drawn typography and mild colors are a better option. Let’s look at some of the best cupcake logo designs that are done with great style and creativity.

Claudia’s Cupcake

Best Cupcake Logos

This is a simple logo which uses minimal colours and strokes but does not fail to tingle one’s sweet tooth. The logo gives a message of happiness and joyfulness.

A Cookie and A Cupcake


This is a unique combination where the designer has paired a cookie and a cupcake together. This is a simple yet unique idea that these two can go together. The perfect bakery colours are used that is, chocolate brown and pink. The handwritten content conveys a personal touch to the products. The depiction of the two shows a fun filled party mood.

Cakes and Roses


This Cakes and Roses logo has been designed by Skilline. Using an image of a single product shows it’s a speciality shop. It uses two colour tones- black and pink which is simple yet sophisticated. The roses besides the cupcake adds to the elegance of the logo.


Let’s Bake Cupcake


Let’s Bake CUPCAKE is a simple yet stylish design which uses intricate strokes to provide detailing on the cupcake.

Koo’s Cakery


Koo’s Cakery uses graphic image of a cupcake with an arrow going through it. The frosting of the cupcake is an imagery of cupid’s heart and the arrow going through it signifies the love for these cupcakes. Using a graphic image of a single treat shows that the store focuses on a single sweet treat.

Bake My Day


The logo invokes notions of celebration by showing various bakery products like cookies and cupcakes. Colours like pink and yellow are used to design the logo. These colours generally signify passion and casual environment of the parties.

Fresh Cakes


This logo has been designed by shoutulkopler. The slogan for the logo reads: Happiness is a piece of cake. This along with the name of the logo gives the idea that the shop focuses on delivering fresh cakes and happiness along with it.

Batter and Crumbs


Batter and Crumbs uses free-style drawing to create the logo. It does not have definite lines which suggests that they are a creative bunch and love experimenting with their recipes. The name is also quite innovative as it uses batter- which is how the cupcake is made and crumbs- what is left of a delicious cupcake.

Ms. Cupcake


Ms. Cupcake is another example of great cupcake logo which renders the beauty of a lady in the form of a cupcake.

Cupcake with Skull


This is a beautiful example of cupcake with creative aspect where a skull is beautifully infused in a cupcake design.

Here are some of the other Cupcake Designs that Inspire

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Cupcakes logos such as these would leave an impression on the minds of the customers due to their strategic use of colours and hand written text to create an environment of happiness and celebration. The key idea behind all these logos is- simple yet impressive.

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