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Five Features of a Good Logo Design that Start-ups Must know

There are various sources available all over the internet that explain how to create the perfect logo for your business. But before you start designing your logo, it is important to understand the nitty gritty of what makes a logo good. 

Let’s first understand what exactly is the purpose of a logo? It is a design that is created with the aim to make the company recognizable. The logo is one of the aspects of the company’s brand identity as it is the first point of contact for many customers. It is important to make a logo that represents your brand and is able to connect with the customers. Logos are basically used to make your business identifiable. 

There are several aspects that go into creating a logo. These change depending upon the needs of the company and the sector that you operate in. But there are five major characteristics that remain constant irrespective of the field you operate in:

1. Simple


Simplicity makes the logo memorable. Good logo features something unique without being loud about it. Businesses tend to create logos without excessive complexities involved. The aim to keep logos simple is to make sure that viewers recognize the logo. In order to compete in the market, the brand needs to be recognizable by the customers, hence, the logo needs to be simple yet unique and elegant to be memorable. 

2. Memorable


The idea of being memorable follows from the idea of the logo being simple. An effective logo design should be memorable which is achieved by keeping the logo simple yet striking. It should be able to catch the attention of the customers while also engaging them. Some logos only have the symbol instead of the company’s name. For example Apple or Mcdonalds, people remember the bitten apple or the letter M which is associated with the brands. The image is more dominant that the company name itself. This is how a company should build its brand. 

3. Timeless



An effective logo should be timeless. It should be created keeping in mind whether it can last for the next 20-30 years. Fashion trends keep coming and going, but brand identity is made concerte through its longevity. Create a logo that is able to beat the ravages of time and uphold the brand identity. 

4. Versatile



A logo needs to be versatile so that it can be used across various platforms. It should be designed in a vector format, in order to ensure that they can be scaled to any size. One way to create a versatile logo would be to design it using only black and white. By doing so you will be able to focus on the shape and concept of the design rather than the colour. Also remember to keep the colours to a minimum. In the long run, having excess colours could increase the cost of printing the logos. 

5. Appropriate



The logo that you create should fit the purpose of the company. It should be appropriate for the intended audience. It only makes sense to have a fun font when the logo is intended for a toy shop or preschool and not for a law firm or investment banking. 

To put in a nutshell, a company logo must be simple yet unique. It should be able to convey the message of the company to its target audience and should be memorable. Such a logo should also be scalable and versatile. It must look good even in a black and white version. 

Good logos can be easy to design if you focus on the qualities that would make them effective. By working on a design by using the factors mentioned in this article you can build a strong foundation for your brand.

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