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10 Best Free Holiday Fonts With Commercial License


With the beautiful styles, embellishments and creativity, typography plays a major role in bringing the best finish to your craft. As the season of holidays is approaching the meet and greets and family time would definitely ask for your endeavour to make beautiful postcards, invitation covers, mugs, letters and much more. “For those who want a unique touch, a custom font generator can be a handy tool. The designing part itself is very creatively draining, so here we are helping you to find some best holiday fonts with commercial license, which you can use on any type of design without the fear of copyright violations.”

To make your task easy with some expertise here is the list of 10 best free holiday fonts with commercial license with their links:-

1. Hello Summer 320

Download Font

One of the greatest fonts for the new beginning of your journey to creative design. With good font spaces, it can be used for adding colorful headings and minimal details with multicolor option. The pop of color with 2D look makes this a perfect option for your cover letters and posters.

2. Loving

Download Font

Little styling with bold typography, this font is one of the favorites to make your content have an emotional connection with the reader. Widely spaced, it has embellishment of characters specially for quotes and greetings.

3. Baby Doll

Download Font

The strokes given beautiful spirals make this font unique yet classy. It can be used for stylish titles, names and endings of any letter. A special abbreviation of a word or two will look beautiful with this particular font.

4. The Winter 4

Download Font

“Easy to the sight”, this font has a personification of light strokes with better spacing. One which can help you to create a lasting impact on the reader reading your letter. One can easily write paragraphs with this font bringing a theme of joy and calmness.

5. Graciella- 2

Download Font

One of our personal favorites, this font gives a cursive style to your words with beautiful come strokes at the end. One can use this to write their personal feelings to their friends or just a sweet homecoming message or invitation for their comrades.

6. Cherly

Download Font

The beautiful strokes of this font are best for short notes. One liners or a short notice with this font will bring a beautiful addition to your creative work. Not only on paper this font will do wonders on Mugs and wooden craft-wares.

7. Metro Retro Font

Download Font

The feeling of ancient retro handwritten calligraphy is the complete tone of this beautiful font. While sending letters or invitations for your grandparents or elders you can utilize this font for that nostalgic hint. 

8. Peppermint Canes Font

Download Font

If you have the desire to send a spooky, classic invite to your childhood friends or classmates this font is perfect. With classic edge to the letters, this reminds us of our favorite chocolate candies of Christmas pie. 

9. Curely

Download Font

Surely for kids, this font looks like the paragraphs of our calligraphy book. The hard strokes and beautiful cuts of this font is best for those fun children’s party invitations or homecoming invites. Good spacing and loud characters are easy to read and adorable at the same time.

10. Mountain Of Christmas

Download Font

The old and classic, this font is best for Christmas party invitations and cover letters. This font has a beautiful retro feel which will help anyone to relate and be excited for the event. Add some graphics of a chimney and a Santa for the old school Christmas party feel,

Commercial License

Since typography designers are generous in sharing the fonts for free, you get a lot of amazing fonts to use in your projects. There are plenty of resources to find the free fonts, however free fonts for commercial use available on Creative Fabrica are of top quality and you are allowed use these fonts commercially at no cost. You are allowed to  create unlimited digital, physical designs and sell it. There are some usage restrictions under a commercial license. One cannot convert individual fonts into different formats. One should have a careful look on how to use the lists of fonts covered by a commercial license. 


Holidays are about family gatherings and memories. To justify your efforts with some beautiful fonts, the above listed fonts are all you need. You can also refer and imbibe these fonts as per your need. The descriptions will definitely help you to acknowledge the correct usage of any of the above but they aren’t the limitations. You can use these as per your own choices and bring your own  creativity to life. 

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