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Horse in Branding, Principles Behind using Horse in Logos

Horse in Branding

Logos serve as the initial impression of your brand to market customers, in addition to being an important aspect of brand recognition and memory. Logo acts as a symbol for the approach that will be used to symbolize it. As a result, when it comes to selecting a logo for your company, you must consider carefully. The focus of logos, whether they are brand marks or pictorial kinds, is on visual symbolisms. And today, we’re going to look at some of these businesses, as well as the principles behind using horses in logos, so let’s get started!

The Symbolical Interpretation Of “ Horses”

According to several psychological researches, social signals and symbols which are to be interpreted by humans with their thought process seems to be more efficient in establishing communication in humans. And that is where the usage of “horses” comes into play when it comes to branding.

Horses symbolize various different and specific capabilities in varied religions, but the common two are purity and power. Other than those, further symbolic interpretations can be credence, reliance and independence which can be further developed into other interpretations as well. But the premier symbolic interpretations as stated before, purity and power are such two lethal qualities which helps a company to be in a class by itself in comparison to the others in the market. Hence tycoon automobile companies like Ferrari, Mustang, and Holsten etc have extensively used it as a brand mark logo of their brand.

Automobile Industry and the Usage of “Horses” in their logos

The automobile industry has seen horses in their brand marks a great deal of times. Not only the animal is visually magnificent but it also resembles speed and agility. Two noble qualities buyers look for when it comes to choosing their automobiles.


Horse in Branding

First up we have Rolf and Andreas brothers’ German car tuning manufacturer company, Carlson. It specializes in manufacturing Mercedes-Benz cars and has also made cars for Lexus, Hyundai, Toyota, SAAB etc. Found in 1989, Carlson has manufactured several cars and a race car named CK35 RS race car taking inspiration from the Mercedes itself. Its logo represents a horse leaping towards the right which very rightfully booms of prowess and agility.

Ford Mustang

Horse in Branding

Ford Mustang, a mogul brand in the automobile industry is a series of American automobiles manufactured by Ford. Founded in 1964, it is now running in its sixth generation making it the longest running car nameplate by Ford and the fifth-best selling Ford car nameplate. For its logo it has a Mustang horse, native of western parts of North America and are thought to be the descendants of their Spanish counterparts. These horses are known for their wild nature. These horses also stand as an inspiration behind its name, as the word “Mustang” is derived from Spanish words “mestengo” and “monstrance” — meaning “wild or master less cattle. It ties the brand imagery by resembling the independent and agile nature of  the horses to the car.


Horse in Branding

The Italian luxury car manufacturing company founded by Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari’s symbol was originally meant for Italian fighter master Francesco Baracca, who originally was the one to paint a black prancing horse onto the fuselage of his plane. This car manufacturer produced its first car in 1940 and now it is still one of the fastest catalogues in the whole industry. Ferrari’s logo has a horse which is prancing towards the left and represents the ability, power and speed which the company undeniably stands for.

Other brands with Horse in their logos

Several other companies from various industries like the food and apparel and food industries have used the efficient imagery of horses when it came to the logos of their brands.


Horse in Branding

The American clothing company Levi Strauss and Co even now has a word mark as their logo which reads the brand name in white with a contrasting red background. Initially, the first logo it used in 1986 showed two horses trying to rip apart a pair of jeans symbolising the strong and sturdy nature of the material used in making their clothing. Horses are also known for the enormous strength they possess, and the two horses stand as exhibitions to the force and strength the advertised apparel, “jean pants” can withstand.

Holsten Brewery

Horse in Branding

The German brewing Company founded in 1879, Holsten has a knight riding a horse and holding a sword upright on one hand and a shield on the other. With a single letter “H” written in bold and demarcated from the rest of the silhouette-like logo in white with a contrasting red background for its logo. The logo is on the simpler and more elegant side of the spectrum and is adorned with the prestigious writing which reads “since 1879’.

Ralph Lauren Polo

Horse in Branding

All Polo companies are majorly known for their competitiveness, and the American fashion Company which was founded in 1967 and was launched by Ralph Lauren himself is no exception. Initially they started with only one apparel being sold, men’s ties. But now their products range from perfumes to non-binary clothing as well.

Ralph Lauren in an interview about the brand  has stated “I’m interested in longevity, timelessness, style—not fashion.“ Hence, for their logo he has appropriately used the imagery of a knight riding a horse, since as stated before horses are also known for the endurance and vitality they are endowed with.

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