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How to Choose the Best Logo for Startups


Before writing this, I’m assuming a few things. First- either you have hired a logo designer to design your company logo; or you’re buying a stock logo online, in which case you’re spoilt for choice. Secondly, you want to make a sane, logical decision and not one like: ” I love this because it’s cute, and this should totally be my company’s logo”.

So, let’s get started.

Does it communicate your brand well?


Every brand has a unique identity, and many a times, the logo doesn’t align with this identity. And when this happens we witness a branding blunder.

To avoid such a situation with your brand, this is the first question that you should ask when making a decision on the logo.

There are experiments, but they work only to certain degree, say for example “Apple Computers” or “Raspberry Pi”. Here, the fruits worked for tech companies. But would the same symbols have worked with a sports car brand? You wouldn’t want to drive down a highway in a $150,000 car named ‘Bla Bla’.

Look for any Redundant parts in a Logo


One feature of every well-designed logo that they are efficient.

For the logo in question, try to judge every part individually (and in context) and ask yourself if it’s really needed, or what function does it play? If you, or the designer, don’t have a convincing answer, then the design needs a-changin’.

Are the Colours right?


Have you seen at gym brand logo with a soft pink theme? Or a toddler’s toy brand with the logo in steel grey? The answer is most certainly a ‘no’, and it would stay in the negative, no matter how many gym and toddler’s toy brands you encounter.

Always be certain of what the colours of the logo are communicating. Now, for any colour choice, you might come up with a good artistic justification, but we’re talking about problem-solving design thought here, not artistic expression. And accordingly it follows that most of your customers will never get a chance to give heed to your justification.

Importance of the right Typeface


I hope that this graphic pretty much explains this point, albeit through a little exaggeration.

Read the Logo Description


Although this point applies if you buying a logo online, but you should always ask for a design description even if you get a custom job. A design description is a justification and explanation from a designer for his design decisions.

A well-written design description gives you valuable insights into the design which otherwise might get easily overlooked. The kinds of feeling that it’s trying to communicate, businesses that it’s relevant for, and other such things.

How does a Logo make you feel as a brand owner?


This, I only mention as one of the factors and not all that matters. You might have to fight the temptation of choosing a particular design on the grounds that you “simply like it”.

After going through the previous steps, you might still end up with a few designs that fair equally well. In such a case, ‘how a logo makes you feel as a brand owner’ can be the deciding factor.

So now you know some things, which I’m sure will help you adorn your company office with the right logo.

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