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Patterns for Easy Freelance Writing Start

Freelance Writing

Increasingly bigger number of people in the world today do not want to depend on office work. The desire is quite understandable, since not everyone can work at simple office for years. Besides, conflicts and misunderstandings often arise between colleagues and executives. Someone is not happy with a frankly low salary, while others are more likely to be free.

For ordinary people, freelance becomes a serious and responsible step, which allows finding completely different ways of earning money.

It is freelance that allows you to independently control your own schedule and geographic location, which is especially important for the modern generation. The latest technology has successfully closed the issue of the need for a physical presence of the employee in one particular place. Today there are a lot of specialists whose professions allow you to work anywhere.

At the same time, let’s note that the world of freelance is not so cloudless. There are many freelance exchanges and remote work portals on the network, where customers often fail to fulfill their promises, break contracts, and do not pay honestly earned money to their performers. That is why so many newcomers are so disappointed with financial results absence, and return to hired labor.

In this article, Vip-Writers will tell you how to get into freelance writing.

To date, the creation of new, unique texts can be done by anyone. If you are able to express your thoughts so that everyone is listening enthusiastically – you are a natural speaker. If your story about a trip or a particular product causes others to travel or buy a product – a content writer lives deep inside you.

It is not necessary to be a professional journalist or philologist, writer or teacher to become freelance writer. All you need is to believe in your own strengths and to be able to “lay on paper” your own thoughts. After all, you can write at any convenient time: by going public transport, walking with children in the park, standing in line. Although writing texts while sitting at the table remains a classic of the genre. It is important not to forget to turn the written on the paper into electronic document.

Next you need is to find a content exchange and try to sell your articles there. After completing the registration, you get access to the execution of orders, that is, the writing of texts. You can expect for a monetary reward after fulfilling the customer’s request timely and qualitatively.

As Vip-Writer’s human resource specialist Josh Lawson says, “Continuous self-improvement, the desire for something better, creation of something new is the key to success in any business.”

True today, there is a lot of competition on reliable and popular sites for freelance writers. It will be difficult for a newcomer to start freelance writing and thus receive the desired income. Below, we’ve prepared some tips to help you stay on the copyrights market when starting freelance writing.

Literacy and language

The freelance writer must have a certain level of literate language in order to understand the task and efficiently present the material to the specified subject, ordered by the client.

Another thing if you start freelance writing and already want to sell your services expensive. “Not bad” English for this will be obviously not enough. Basic English helps you understand the customer and ask simple questions, but only a high level of language will allow you to complete the most complex orders, communicate effectively and create the impression of a highly paid and demanding expert (even if it’s not so right now).

Remember: on the freelance exchange, you are the product yourself, and the English level is just as much important part of your services quality as their price.

Find your niche

Before the Internet era copywriters wrote texts for advertising, postal mail, press releases, brochures and various business literature. Today, these jobs also exist. But much higher is the demand for SEO-copywriters, content managers and web editors. Getting started as a freelance writer should know what their chosen work is, what are its features and perspectives.

Be realistic

Most likely, in the beginning of a career you will have to write a lot and for a rather modest payment. This is quite normal. Do not be disappointed in the chosen profession simply because at first it does not allow you to make a lot of money. Most copywriters go through this stage. Improve yourself and promote yourself to receive more highly paid orders.

Use Social Networking

This is a useful tool for establishing useful links. At least follow the pages of the company which you’re planning to work in. If you can establish business connections through a social network, you should use this opportunity. But you need to be unobtrusive.

Be a highly specialized expert

There are quite a few copywriters who are equally good in writing on various topics. In your resume, focus on skills that are of interest to a particular employer. Customers often mistrust those people who call themselves experts in everything.

There are many copywriters who would like to write about music, cinema, sports, computer games, fashion, food, travel. Fewer people specialize in topics such as insurance, law, finance, construction. Narrow specialization means less competition as well as the opportunity to get more money for your texts.

To succeed in the field of copywriting, you have to write fast, competently and informatively. Some people think it’s very easy. Others consider such work difficult and incomprehensible. Truth is somewhere in the middle.

Summing up, we would like to briefly describe the “whole process”: new thoughts, recorded in electronic format, registration on the freelance stock exchange, search of the customer, fulfillment of the terms of the order, receiving money reward. So, if your dream is to make the world a newer and better – write articles!

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