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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Ready Stock Logo


While writing this article I am making an assumption – that you’ve wised up to the benefits of buying a logo online and are ready to make the decision. 

Now, before you spend your hard-earned cash, there are some things that you need to look out for. Following are some points that I think would be very helpful to you when you buy a ready stock logo online:

Where are you buying from?

When it comes to the online logo shop,  there are two types of websites that you’ll encounter – marketplaces and exclusive logo shops.

The marketplace works just like Amazon. Logo designers can sign up and start selling their ready stock logos. The Amazon of logos! In the exclusive logo shop, the designs are created ‘in-house’, or by hired designers. The main difference boils down to the fact that there is only one seller, as opposed to the multiple sellers on a marketplace.

The benefit of the latter is that once you know who the designers are you can expect consistency in the the pricing and the quality of designs. While on a marketplace, you get variety of thousands of logos and hundreds of designers.

Know your rights of logo usage

Some marketplaces have set stringent rules regarding the rights that the sellers can offer. While others offer the sellers/designers more independence. 

This Independence might not be a good thing from a buyer’s perspective. Before pressing that buy button, you should carefully read the ‘terms of use’ and ‘license’ page of the website. 

Exclusive and non-exclusive rights

When designers sell you any work, they basically transfer their copyright to you. Without a license you cannot use the logo or any other design.  

But it’s not as simple as that. You see, there are two kinds of licences that you will encounter-  non-exclusive and exclusive. 

Exclusive ones are simple- they grant you full ownership and permission to do whatever you want with the logo.

In case of a non-exclusive licence, the designer sells the same design to multiple clients. This license offers you all the benefits of an exclusive logo, but many others might also use the same logo (though it never happens).

Now, you might be thinking- “Doesn’t that go against the whole purpose of a logo?” Well, it does.  Then why would you buy a non-exclusive logo?

The thing is that a non exclusive logo is not supposed to be used as it is, but more like a template. If you pick up any editing tool and make substantial changes to the logo, it becomes exclusive to you. (Pay attention to the term ‘substantial changes’). 

So ,you pay one-fifth to one-tenth of the price of an exclusive licence and you end up with an equally good and personalized logo. The only added cost being your efforts.

Know the designer

It’s very important for you to know who has designed your logo. You should know the answers to questions like – What kind of work has he/she done before? What’s the experience? What’s the level of competency?

One way to get an idea of all this is to scan the social media handles. Most marketplaces have designer profile pages, they often contain links to portfolio website and social media accounts.

In case of designer’s self-run website, you can get to know about the designers directly. Most websites mention their designers in the ‘about’ section. Some in-house designers might also collaborate on the website blog. 

Finally, compare the prices

This is true for any kind of online shopping and you already know it. But, when on every website the products are different, how do you compare?

For the price, you should put to comparison the kind of licence on offer, competence of the designer(s), and the quality and relevance of the design for your brand. 

So, there you have them, the points that really ought to be a part of considerations before you buy a logo online. Now, you’re all dressed up to buy the logo you want.

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Laksh is a professional writer with more than 10 years of experience in visual design. He loves to write about brand design and colors.

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