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What Education Does a Marketing Assistant Need?


Before the product arrives at the store shelves, a detailed market survey is conducted. The purpose of this research is to study the market and the demand for each specific product. That is why there is no company interested in increasing sales, which can do without marketers who conduct such research.

With that in mind, Pro-Papers experts decided to find out why the experience of working as marketing assistant is so important for students of marketing specialties and, in fact, how to become them.

The scope of activity of modern marketers over time has become much broader. Today, these specialists are not only studying the demand for a particular product or group of products, but also are promoting a service. In general, the duties of a marketing specialist include: studying the characteristics of a product or service, monitoring and analyzing the current market situation, forecasting the development of the market, making recommendations on pricing, coordinating the creation of advertising products, recommendations on product placement, developing and implementing sales strategies, analyzing the activities of competitors, the formation of product range. As we see, the profession is not an easy one and not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. That is why every successful marketer needs his/her own assistant.

If the work in the field of marketing is attractive for you, in order to become a highly paid specialist, it is not enough to have only an appropriate education, even if it is obtained at a specialized faculty. It is necessary to master marketing technologies in practice, participate in complex projects, and learn directly from corporate masters. Therefore, the majority of students in the specialty “Marketing” already find an interesting and well-paid work at their senior courses. Of course, it’s not necessary to immediately rely on the top position in the marketing service, objectively, you can start from the position of marketing assistant.

Speaking about the necessary qualities to obtain the position of marketing assistant, it is not so much about education, but about personal qualities. After all, unlike a full-time marketing position, you do not need to get a completed specialized education in one of the universities of the country or be trained in the specialized program of the MBA, after receiving an economic education. You just need to have the desire to grow, learn and become better. And of course, you need to be a student in marketing and prepare to do a lot of custom term paper writing.

Marketers who have achieved success in their profession say that the position of marketing assistant is a wonderful opportunity to see how everything that you studied in theory works in practice. This is a great opportunity for a student to gain invaluable work experience, to develop his/her skills and add a good position to his/her resume. For a good assistant, who has experience, it will not be difficult to get the position of a marketer. A good specialist can quickly grow to the position of the head of the marketing department or deputy general director of marketing policy and, finally, the most successful and risk-taking specialists ultimately start their own business – the prospects are very tempting.  If a specialist does not possess certain personal qualities, then he/she will hardly be able to achieve success in a professional field.

In addition, the marketer assistant must have extensive knowledge in areas such as psychology, sociology, law, history, business ethics, statistics, economics, etc. A successful marketer must also be a confident PC user.

The global Internet network unites almost the entire population of civilized countries. The number of those who do not use the search for information in the space of the Internet, is becoming less and less. And almost all, without exception, companies do not want to miss the opportunity to convey their message to such a large audience. That is why today a worthy niche in marketing is occupied by Internet marketing and, in fact, the position of an Internet marketer who also needs an assistant.

Desirable points in the Internet marketer’s employment sheet are a good IT or business education, practical business experience. An online marketer’s assistant must be in the process of mastering IT education (this may not necessarily be a university if you are goal-oriented and master this specialty on your own –it’s great), or be a student of an economics university.

Experienced internet marketers recommend highly motivated young professionals start with an assistant. Why?

  • The profession is quite new, experienced mentor in it is a real storehouse of relevant information (the ability to study it constantly).
  • You can combine employment in a prestigious company and studying.
  • It is possible to work out new techniques for analyzing competitors and studying sales statistics in practice.
  • Minimal responsibility, the constant support of a competent leader, wide horizons for experiments – this is what distinguishes such a position.
  • As a rule, the technical work is entrusted to the assistant drawing the logo of the client’s company, if assistant owns the skills to work with the corresponding services;
  • collection of information for analysis and portraiture of the buyer; a more organized, theoretically savvy employee may be asked to optimize the site of the client’s company, control its content.

If an assistant works and is simultaneously studying for an internet marketer, a competent manager will provide him/her with a field for practicing the newly mastered techniques. Throughout the first year, this practice usually comes down to work on search engine promotion.

After a year and a half, the assistant will be able to independently conduct contextual advertising for clients, to propose measures to enhance the resource, to form the base (including for email-mailing).

As you can see, the position of marketing assistant is a great start to your skills and career. You can easily join the studied environment, get the desired experience and move up the career ladder faster than your peers. Good luck and new achievements!

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