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Why Logos Matter More Than You Think For Every Business


In today’s competitive business landscape, you need to represent your business and brand in an effective manner that stays in the mind of your customers and helps create a strong connect with them. With a carefully planned logo, you can do just that and much more. A logo lets you communicate your business’s important elements visually and helps in proper branding and recognition of your business. Since a logo becomes the most frequently displayed sign of the company within the target market, it’s important to keep it timeless, simple, suitable, versatile and ensure that it invokes the desired feelings in your target audience to view your business favorably and feel encouraged to get associated with it. If you are still in a dilemma about why you need a logo, consider how big brands have benefitted from it. Consider how the “swoosh” logo has become synonymous with the renowned shoe company Nike or how well people recognized the Coca-Cola swirl has become. Thus, logos not only convey your entire company’s image in a symbolic or graphical way but also create an everlasting impression in the mind of people, thus making your brand and business immediately recognizable.

First Impression is always Crucial


Creating a positive first impression always gives your business a competitive edge. With a simple yet memorable logo that people can easily identify and remember, you can get a head start of building strong relationships. Even before a person visits your store, buys from you or is handled by your sales staff, s/he sees your logo and decides whether to trust your business or not. Positive first impressions with your logo matters since you simply can’t undo or reverse this impression, no matter how hard you try.

People retain 40% more of visual images than written text or audios. There would be times when your prospective customers will get to see your logo just for a few seconds. It could be when their car passes by your logo, or when they are exchanging business cards. Since such things happen very fast, often without a lot of analysis, logos need to create the first impressions quickly. This makes it important for your logos to be simple, easily recognizable and yet unforgettable even when someone takes just a glance at it.

At the same time, your logo should match your business’s original vision and USP to keep your brand identity consistent across all aspects of business and complement your marketing campaigns.

Building Identity & Brand Awareness


Identity Branding is the way your entire corporate image is perceived emotionally, while visual aspects that are an integral element of the brand make your identity. In other words, you can call a product, service or company a “brand” where audience perceptions create a ‘personality’ for them. Thus, it’s only the audience that can create a brand, not the designer who can just lay the brand’s foundation.

The corporate image of a company encompasses everything it owns, does and produces. It reflects the vision and mission of the entire business. Branding showcases the core idea of what makes up the company and the driving forces behind it, apart from showing its reasons of existence, what it believes in and what it stands for. Thus, branding is not merely a slogan or logo, some typefaces or colors. It’s much more than that. Consider the case of IT giant – Apple. It’s not just about a bite sized logo or its products. Rather, the brand is known for its strong corporate ethic and a humanistic corporate culture, which gets reflected in its support for good causes, volunteerism and community work. Whatever the company does – right from its advertising and products to its customer service, these core values remain evident. No wonder people connect easily with this emotionally humanist brand and feel proud and happy to be a part of it when they buy or use the company’s products or services.

To create a corporate image or identity, several visual elements are used like:

  • A logo (which represents the entire identity and brand)
  • Marketing products (brochures, books, flyers, websites etc)
  • Stationery (business card, letterhead, envelopes, etc)
  • Products and the packaging they are sold in
  • Employee apparel design
  • Interior and exterior signage
  • Direct/indirect messages and actions
  • Other modes of communication (smell, audio, touch etc)
  • Any visual representation of the business

Among all these, the logo represents the lone element that encompasses the entire brand and corporate identity and showcases it in a remarkable, easily identifiable way. Thus, you can call the logo a symbol that represents the business in its entirety.

Way to create Quality Logo

Image Source

Since your logo would be the most important visual depiction of your business, it’s best to hire a graphic designer to create it. However, this is a costly option and if you aren’t ready to shell out the money, you can try some free logo creator sites online for the job.

Logo Creator by Spaces

Free Business Logo Maker provided by GoSpaces is an online tool where you just need to enter your business name and some core keywords in the Spaces software and it will automatically produce several logos that represent your business based on the name and keywords you have entered. You may either use the logo as it is or change the generated design to make it a better fit for your brand.

Logo Creator by Logo Makr

You may either use their free icons and designs in your logo or download their custom-built logos (which don’t require you to sign in). You may even use this complete logo editing tool for your simple logo designing process. With advanced design features and a superb customer support, this free online tool makes logo creation a cakewalk.

Logo Creator by Logo Genie

You just need to enter your company name, select your icon and customize your logo – all in less than 5 minutes! With the logo design tools, you can experiment with styling effects and use various fonts, colors, icons etc. You can create different versions of your logo, keep the one you like and download the print as well as graphic files directly from your account easily.

Logo Maker by Logojoy

Logojoy is one of the world’s leading online logo makers with over 30,000 unique users every day, and more than 2,000,000 logos created this year. Check of this great Logo Maker and get your company log designed in an easy and fun way.


In human civilization, symbols have played a key role as we use visual images to create mental association and remember things. Studies have shown that the best way to remember an abstract concept is to link it with a tangible entity. The same applies to a company that needs a well-designed logo to stand apart from the crowd and remain in the public mind for long. Though logo creates a first impression of your brand, what matters the most is the quality of your product or service as people will assess your business based on that, not just how beautiful your logo is. So, stay focused on the real thing too.


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