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Magic of Autumn Captured in Glass Beads by Bullseyebeads


Beth Ruth, of the Acme Bead Company, Wisconsin, is an artisan who has learnt the art of trapping magic in little glass beads.

Each of these beautifully made smaller-than-a-nickel glass beads, though beautiful is a small word to describe them, are crafted with hand by Beth herself. This gives each bead a charming uniqueness.

These instantly take you into Autumn mood. Reminding you of every beautiful feeling and object you associate with fall and of Goethe’s Autumn Feelings.

Other than the obvious soda lime, which are Italian and German by the way, Sterling Silver, Goldstone, Topaz, Antique Copper are only some from the assortment of sundry materials that she uses to craft these beauties.

And the most important feature which adds to the beauty of these, and that which is, to some extent, evident from the title of this article is that Beth uses real Acorn shells. This only adds to the allure of these magical drops.

Take a look at some of the designs and please your eyes. You can buy them over at Etsy where they are sold under Bullseyebeads.


















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