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Organic Versus Paid Advertising: Which is Better?

Purpose and Forms of Marketing 


The transition of internet use has resulted in remarkable changes for the business community, which has to go a notch higher to gain customer attention that is presumed to result in increased sales.  People get to know about your product and the changes you make through marketing that can be broken down into various strategies that are either paid or not. Paid advertising has taken over organic advertising because of increased and targeted distribution of contribution. There is a lot of content within organic reach, making it difficult for the audience to access your content. However, with paid reach, your ad is strategically placed to reach a wide audience as it stays on top for a long time as long as you keep on making payment. A new business seeks to create awareness while an existing one strives to maintain the presence of its brand like BuyEssayClub while expanding its base of clients. A new form of paid advertising is programmatic media, which is slowly gaining momentum as businesses to optimize the advertising process with the help of actionable marketing data. All the same, we have seen businesses succeed irrespective of the fact whether they incurred advertising costs or not. But, we may not really tell what goes on behind the curtains. The important thing is to understand the dynamics of each of the two modes of advertising and to settle on the one that works best for you. The two main advertising approaches include:

  1. Paid advertising;
  2. Organic advertising

Paid Advertising

It is a form of outbound advertising, and most marketers do not deem it to be an effective approach to use for generating high sales leads. Conventionally, it entails the use of billboard and newspaper ads. However, in the computer era, Google’s AdWords is the tool to help you get a high ranking and helps to generate 70% of the company’s revenue, suggesting it is highly effective.


The advent of social media and related tools that open up opportunities overpaid advertising like HubSpot ads. Paid ads are becoming commonplace as inbound marketers are embracing this form of outbound marketing. Paid ads receive high rankings instantly and haste the process of gaining high conversions from optimized landing pages. There are different models of the paid ads approach, which include:

  1. Pay-per-click where you only get to pay if an audience clicks on a banner or pop-up ad.
  2. Pay-per-impression is when a company pays an ad after it is viewed.

Pros of Paid Advertising

  1. Quick Results

A company is able to reach its target market faster and get feedback faster in knowing what works and what does not. Thereby, companies that are starting out and might not stand a good chance of beating their giant competitors, investing a little extra is advisable.

  1. Control

A company identifies its target customers through which the advertising media is able to make a decision on where to place the ad and how to design them. A company dictates the amount of time accorded to its advert and does not receive restrictions on its design. A company should take advantage of this as the gate pass to gain high traffic but chose later to select cheap strategies to stabilize it.

Cons of Paid Advertising

  1. Not Sustainable

The minute you stop paying for your ads, the ranking drop like a bombshell, and so does your traffic. Thereby, do not assume you will stay on top of high-ranking organic searches for a long time. If you do not have adequate funds to sustain your high ranking, work on another plan to sustain your high ranking once you attain it.

  1. Commonality

The high influx of paid ads compels the audience to tune them out because they might not even be relevant to a certain search.

Organic Advertising

The conventional form is word-of-mouth, but the digital era recommends free landing pages. Organic search is competitive, and for your link to appear at the top, you need to have the right marketing gimmicks up your sleeve. You need to wait for around three to six months to rank high on Google search. The ranking is dependent on search engine algorithms and helps to stabilize ranking on SEOs.

Pros of Organic Advertising

  1. Free

Content reaches a wide audience at no cost. Small business can benefit greatly from this approach as they are just getting started and might be operating on a tight budget.

  1. Pride

Ones earn a high ranking from hard work, and after attaining it, it gives one a sense of pride and bolsters his or her confidence.

  1. Effective Long-term Strategy

The quality of your content does not reduce instantly or overnight, even though it might drop, it stabilizes at a certain level regardless of the fact whether the content is updated or not.

Cons of Organic Advertising

  1. No Control

There is no control of who accesses the content and who doesn’t. Companies have no control over the design and type of content, time given for it to air, or its coverage. As a result, the credibility of the ad may be compromised by negative reviews easily as

  1. Time-Intensive

One needs to allocate a lot of time to organic advertising writing content to help generate clicks and waiting for your link to gain high ranking.

  1. No Rewards

Despite the intensive effort, you might end up never ranking high on SEO.

Which Way to Go

It all depends on the resources at your disposal. If you can wait, wait as you work on your content marketing and efficacy of your sales team. If time is of the essence, paid ads are the way to go. Alternatively, the best way to go is to combine the two. As paid ads increase ranking, organic ad gradually gains ground, and when it reaches the top, you can settle on the organic ad.  Paid ads are ideal if aiming to achieve short-term viability while organic ads are purposeful as long-term strategies. That is why, you start with the paid ad and transition to organic ad.

Laksh is a professional writer with more than 10 years of experience in visual design. He loves to write about brand design and colors.

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