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Infographic – Scope of Colors in Branding

With colour psychology becoming an increasingly important part of branding and logo choice, businesses must think harder than ever when it comes to choosing their colour scheme. With this is mind, we have analysed 520 company logos in a variety of sectors and compiled them into a graphic which determines which industry favours which colours along with further detail about what mental reactions these colour choices might be subconsciously triggering in the viewer.

80% of the visual information we receive from a logo is said to derive from its colour alone.  It’s no wonder, then, that brands around the world put so much thought into their colour schemes.

With each tone being able to trigger its own psychological response, careful thought must be paid to picking the correct hue, communicating the message you wish to associate with your brand.

So, which is correct for your brand? This handy infographic from Towergate Insurance illustrates which colours are most commonly used by specific industries and the psychological reasoning behind those choices.

Logo Colours-by-Industries


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